The Section for electronic mission

The Section for electronic mission is aimed towards covering the digital space of the Archbishopric of Belgrade and Karlovci, with the maximum utilisation of the internet technologies’ potential, in order to make Orthodox Christianity and church life more accessible to a wider audience. Examining the opportunities for using IT technologies for the development of  internet-led missionary work, used for spreading the Gospel, will be the main strategic aim of this Section.

The main aims of this section include expanding the Church mission into the Internet sphere, promoting Christian values and way of life over the internet, and incentivising further the use of IT technologies in the service of the Church, with a constant emphasis on the need for a direct, physical experience of church life, through personal participation in the liturgical life of the church.

This section also provides the necessary technical support to the other sections, primarily in the field of linking the contents of missionary internet portals, the publishing of media materials and the creation of internet video channels with the participation of the chosen AEM (Archbishopric of Belgrade and Karlovci) priests. A special purpose of this section is the cooperation with the AEM priests and RE teachers who are active in the internet sphere, as well as the training of the priests and RE teachers interested in the internet mission and involvement in the mass media sphere.

The coordinator of the Section for electronic mission is an IT specialist Nenad Badovinac